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Featured App Friday: Shapenut

The Shapenut app stems from the successful website, Shapenut.com, which provides exercise and nutrition information for anyone from beginners to advanced. The app allows you to bring your personal trainer with you by including over 70 video workouts that you can complete anytime, anywhere.


When you download the app for free, there are 6 videos (one free video between each series), and then there are plenty of upgrades available. Each video is 99 cents on iTunes, and they will help you work on goals ranging from weight loss to stability training and more.

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As we learned from Marc Laverdure, the personal trainer behind the Shapenut website and app, they shot 1000 hours of footage to make over 70 workouts of between 15-45 minutes each. The app is designed for anyone looking to exercise at home or in a yoga studio, because all you need is a ball, dumbbell, elastic resistance band, and a mat.

Marc created the Shapenut app to, “provide another outlet to help people.” Even though he has been successful through the website and in person for a long time, he still felt that this app would give him the ability to reach more clients.

Shapenut contains HD quality videos with high intensity workouts that are easy to follow. The instructions are so clear, it’s just like having an in personal training session with Marc.

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In the future, Shapenut plans to expand to android and blackberry users in addition to adding to current video selection.

Bonus just for TopFitnessApps readers: Anyone that submits a review of Shapenut on the iTunes store can email info@shapenut.com to receive a free 15- minute program consultation with Marc via Google chat!

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 That being said, we highly suggest that you try this app and post your review ASAP!

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