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Featured App Friday: Rock My Run

Rock My Run is a unique running app that combines high energy mixes specifically designed for people working out to make workouts more enjoyable. As they told us exclusively, “We found that people have a lot more fun, and we know from studies that this leads to improved performance.”

Music has the power to move us, and this app is an intelligent music center that matches your workout music to your to body movement. Rock My Run provides motivation for users to run both faster and longer. “The mission is to help people be more active by making their workouts more enjoyable.”

rock my run

5 Steps To Start Using Rock My Run Today:

1)Download on itunes/google play

2)Sample without creating account for 15 min

3)Create user name and password, which is FREE!

4)Listen to mixes/download mixes to phone

5)Workout with app and ENJOY!

While the premium service allows you to access longer mixes, you can use Rock My Run for free as well!

You have the option to choose mixes that include genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, House, 80’s 90’s, Reggae, Latin, Country, and you can even search by your favorite artist, song, DJ, etc.

rock my run

The way that the music adjustment works is that we are speeding tempo up or down, so it’s not switching songs in the playlist. It takes data from your device and dynamically changes the tempo, so it’s not just skipping to another song.

We recommend using Rock My Run with MapMyFitness or Runkeeper to track your actual activity logging so that you can actually see the difference in your workouts!

While Rock My Run can already improve your current workouts, they are also in the process of expanding and reorganizing the music library to better serve users, so they are constantly working toward making the app even better.

This app is perfect for both males and female that are sick of music offerings and are bored and/or annoyed with having to maintain their own playlists. If you’re looking to have more fun and get more out of workouts, then you HAVE to try Rock My Run during your next workout!

About TopFitnessApps

Dedicated to reviewing the top fitness applications for your iOS and Android devices. http://www.TopFitnessApps.com/


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