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Favorite App Friday: All-In Fitness

All-in Fitness is intended for people who wish to stay fit, but need some guidance and motivation to do so. As they told us in a recent interview, “The detailed instructions in the form of pictures, videos and textual information make this app a great substitute for a personal trainer” (for only $3.99!)

All in Fitness 2

The app is mostly intended for active individuals and couples ages 20-40, but can also be used by older individuals because it’s extremely easy to navigate. All-in Fitness contains 100 ready-made workout programs that are designed for gym goers and those who work out at home. There are also added complementary tools that help users to set goals, track their progress and keep an eye on their caloric intake.

All in Fitness 1

With over 5 million users, All-in Fitness contributes its success in part to the fact that their workout programs were created by a fitness instructor and due to their huge database of exercises, which they are adding to in the next update!

The combination of built in exercises and features like the calorie counter and body tracker allow users to control all aspects of their healthy lifestyle.

They also told us, “There’s a growing social network that our users have access to where they can show off their progress and communicate with other users.”

If you are already familiar with All-in Fitness, chances are you are a fan, and if you haven’t, we encourage you to investigate other apps made by Sport.com as well.

They have apps for just about anything you can imagine, from sleep apps, like Smart Alarm Clock to pedometers, such as All-in Tracker and we highly recommend combining All-In Fitness with All-in Yoga! After all, they told us, “Yoga is huge, so it certainly deserves a separate app that you can use along with your workout routine.”

All-in Fitness is a great tool to keep all aspects of your healthy lifestyle in check. Whether you use it alone, or with other apps, there are a number of ways it can be beneficial to reaching your fitness goals.


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