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Mapmywalk allows you to track and map your daily walking activity as well as your nutrition. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Mapmyrun and Mapmyride have the same features, but each app is geared more toward each specific movement of exercise. This makes each one more accurate and focused on your goal and although some users have complained about Internet connection issues, I didn’t come across any. Just as you can for running or cycling, Mapmywalk lets you choose or create routes, and you can even compete against other users for a spot on the leader board if you’re looking to take your exercise to the public.

This app can be useful if you walk regularly for exercise, are a dog walker, or just want to track your normal walking habits. Paying attention to this app may even make you think twice about taking the elevator next time you have a choice to take the stairs. It’s all about baby steps, literally. So if you are looking to improve your physical fitness by walking, Mapmywalk can help you track every step of the way (haha). Who knows, once you spend some time using Mapmywalk, you may even want to switch to Mapmyrun!



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