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Calorie Count

Calorie Count is another free diet tool that helps you track your diet, exercise and weight loss. The database for this app contains over 250,000 foods and is based off of their award winning website, www.caloriecount.com, which has a following of about 3 million users.

What’s different about this app is that in addition to being able to search for foods and scan product bar codes, Calorie Count allows you to use voice recognition also. This may be useful for some people, but maybe not so useful for others if you don’t want to say something like “ice cream sandwich” out loud to your app. Then again, it does hold you accountable, so if you don’t want to say what you’ve eaten out loud, you probably should take another look at your diet habits! Whether you’re proud to say what you’ve eaten or not, the voice recognition tool is accurate and fun to try.

With Calorie Count, you can track your progress through graphs and take a look at the nutritional profile of your diet. Most food items are also labeled from A-F for a quick glance at how healthy they are. However, these ratings are relative depending on your goal, so they may not be accurate for everyone. For instance, it rates some Kind Bars as C’s or D’s, probably because of their calorie and fat content, but they are made from only nuts and fruits with no artificial ingredients. Overall, this is an easy to use and can be a great tool for weight loss, but choosing your favorite diet tracker is a matter of personal preference and your goal because there are so many out there.





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