Sleep Cycle App

Sleep Cycle App for iPhone

The staples of virtually any fitness plan you’ll come across—physical exercise and nutrition—are fundamental to the plan’s success, but the makers of Sleep Cycle know that there’s more to health than we do in the gym and in the kitchen.  Sleep Cycle is designed to help you maximize your fitness by enhancing your experience in the bedroom, and no, I’m not talking about that experience. Using the accelerometer already built into your iPhone, Sleep Cycle monitors the quality of your sleep, and provides you with a report in the morning, but the most important feature of Sleep Cycle is what it can do with this information.

The Sleep Cycle Alarm

Before you go to sleep, you’ll input a thirty minute wake-up alarm window. Sleep Cycle won’t simply attempt to wake you up at the beginning of that window, if say, for instance, you are in a state of deep sleep. When an alarm clock interrupts your deep sleep, you may wake up and feel as though you haven’t slept at all, regardless of how long you’ve been out. This is where the Sleep Cycle Alarm comes in. The alarm will go off at a time during that half hour window when you aren’t in deep sleep, allowing you wake up feeling rested, even you haven’t had your full 8 hours.

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