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HI!  I’m Ann!! I’m looking forward to sharing my nutrition, exercise and work out experiences with you!  Time to Nutrition up so we can go out and get it tomorrow!! Tracking my calories and macronutrients with sparkpeople.

Angel hair Pasta  with broccoli, spinach and scallops in garlic and white wine sauce..less than 30 minutes cook time!

Angel hair Pasta with broccoli, spinach and scallops in garlic and white wine sauce..less than 30 minutes cook time!

HI!  I’m Ann!! I’m looking forward to sharing my nutrition, exercise and work out experiences with you!  Time to Nutrition up so we can go out and get it tomorrow!! Tracking my calories and macronutrients with sparkpeople.

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About Ann Marcario

Ann Marcario
I am on fire for fitness and nutrition. In addition to being a Veterinarian for 17 years, I am also a runner, cyclist, swimmer,weight lifter and instructor. I like to keep workouts fresh and challenging and I use fitness apps to enhance and track my training as well as my diet AND improve the lives of my patients!


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