Ok guys, you should know…I’m a strong woman, physically and emotionally. However, I am a wee bit technologically challenged. SO.  as I get going here the posts will be better, I promise….

I love lifting weights. I am currently doing Wendler’s 5/3/1 for weights and I’ve incorporated it to my TFW training (  I log ALL of my workouts on my Fitocracy app. Sometimes I do it right on my iPhone or I log onto the website. My screen name there is AnnLago if you care to follow! :)

Fitocracy is like Facebook for people who workout. There are many different reasons I like this site.  Mostly I like tracking my exercises, seeing the workouts similarly goaled people are performing, and learning from everyone there.  For people who are new to working out, there is a beginners section with lots of help available. There are different groups you can join for inspiration and help.  The crowd there is very positive, encouraging, and knowledgable.  You can post comments or questions and interact with others on the site. I think you have to see it to understand fully.
It’s another effective way to get to your goals!!

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