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Featured App Friday: Gym Hero

Gym Hero is a workout tracker and fitness diary that lets users log all different kinds of fitness activities. Whether you’re into Crossfit session, belong to a gym or only have time for a few push-ups at home.

With Gym Hero, you can easily track your sets, repetitions and weight for every exercise.

Jannis and Jannik, the two man crew behind Gym Hero, started working on the app about two years ago.

“We saw the need for a simple app that lets you track workouts fast and individually and we wanted to create Gym Hero to let you track your workouts without having to go through endless lists of exercises and suggested workouts. Our motto is to fire and forget!”

As self proclaimed nerds that loved to work out, it only seemed natural to make Gym Hero.


“We want to help people get fit, keep them motivated and help them visualize their progress.

We know that the journey to good fitness is hard, so we want to show our users real numbers and real workout data. This way they’ll always have the truth right in front of them. If those numbers aren’t going up, they know they are doing something wrong.”

gym hero 2

Gym Hero is a great tool for a variety of people. It covers the pros and the advanced athletes who know exactly what they want and don’t need any further assistance from a trainer, but there are also a lot of users who just started working out, and could benefit from personal trainer or a workout program. In this case, Gym Hero can give them a tool to track and monitor their progress.

gym heroEvery Gym Hero user also gets their own online fitness log at gymhero.me, which  lets you show friends how you spend your time at the gym or gives your trainer a way to review a session and keep track of your progress.

“We really enjoy being a part of peoples fitness journey, and if we can help them achieve their goals, we are happy!”

Runkeeper users can sync Gym Hero workouts to their online profile so they can get all of their workout information in one place. You can also brag about your workouts on twitter and Facebook with Gym Hero’s social features. In the future, they even plan to partner up with more apps!

“In addition to the IOS app version of Gym Hero, we are planning on moving to other platforms like Android etc. as well. This year, we will also launch a completely new service, which we are really excited about. Check out http://get.fitty.co so you won’t miss what’s going on over there. As you can see, we never stop moving!”

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