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Favorite App Friday: Runtastic


In last 4 years, over 40,000,000 people have downloaded Runtastic and over 18 million of those users have registered on Runtastic.com to upload workout sessions and watch progress. We wanted to find out what makes this company so reliable to its users, so we went right to the source and spoke with the company themselves. After speaking with Runtastic, it ... Read More »

Charity Miles: An App That Gives Back


Fitness apps are steadily becoming more and more popular. Within the health and fitness industry, there is a variety of apps that are very helpful, convenient, and easy to use. I recently came across an app that actually allows you to earn money to be donated to the charity of your choice, through your choice of either: biking, walking, or ... Read More »

Top Android Fitness Apps


Our goal here at Topfitnessapps.com is to provide an overview of the newest, most innovative fitness apps for use on all your devices. Unfortunately, not all apps are available on all platforms, which is why we try our best to get you a good sample of reviews for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone apps. Using the technology in your smartphone ... Read More »

Best Weight Loss Apps


The primary goal of TopFitnessApps.com is to guide you through your decision to incorporate this new and often overwhelming category of tools into your fitness repertoire. Now that we’ve reviewed a couple dozen fitness apps, we’d like to go over a few of our favorites. The following is a rundown of our three favorite weight-loss apps: MapMyRun MapMyRun is the ... Read More »

Favorite App Friday: Moves


Most people only consider activities in the gym to be exercise, and completely forget about their everyday activities, such as walking. Moves automatically tracks your steps (so you don’t even have to turn it on) and gives you daily feedback of your walking, running, and cycling activities. I personally love it because it notifies you daily, so even when you forget to check ... Read More »

Favorite App Friday: Fitnotix


Fitnotix is an awesome, free running app that is perfect for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re a casual runner or you’re training for a marathon, the features of Fitnotix allow you to plan your course and track your progress. I had the chance to speak to the CEO of Fitnotix and personally, I was happy to ... Read More »

Get Your Dog In Shape With Fitness Apps!


One of the more infamous New Jersey Housewives said something like “in our culture, food is love,” during a recent episode. It’s not just Italian-Americans.  “Kindness” in our culture generally involves food.  Most of our social activities revolve around food: celebrations, rewards, bribes, and consolation all involve food. More often than not, food that has little value as fuel for ... Read More »

Jillian Michaels Slim Down


Jillian Michaels Slim Down This app claims to have it all, with the famous extreme weight loss coach Jillian Michaels personally training you at the forefront. If this sounds unrealistic for a free app with a lot of downloads, that’s because it is. The app begins by having you create an account. After filling out all of your information, you’ll ... Read More »

Top 3 Fitness Apps From A Dietitian


As a Registered Dietitian for over 10 years, founder of Bestowed, and marathon runner, Heather Bauer is an expert on healthy living and weight loss. By incorporating fitness apps into her own life and the lives of her clients, she is able to bring her knowledge of nutrition and fitness to the next level. So what apps does a nutritionist ... Read More »

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