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Kimberly Root


Show me someone who says “You Can’t” and I’ll show you how to prove them wrong. I am a martial artist and a beauty queen. I have never stopped believing that I was destined to reach my full potential and I never let anyone else determine my future. I want to show others how to do the same! I am ... Read More »

John Annillo | Creator


John Annillo has dedicated his entire career to the sports and fitness market. With experience in many different subfields, he brings a wealth of knowledge and positive energy to the fitness industry. John has spent years in the private sector of both the sports performance and health club industry. He has worked with athletes at every level, numerous collegiate teams, ... Read More »

Marni Gliklich | Content Manager


My name is Marni and for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved everything about fitness. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years before working in gyms throughout high school and college, so activity has always been a priority in my life. I am a NASM certified personal trainer, and am constantly trying new workouts and learning new ... Read More »

Kevin Rosenfield


I am a primate behavioral researcher currently studying monkeys Puerto Rico. I live in a remote area and have no access to reliable transportation, so my gym access is non-existent. I am a really avid gym-goer back home, so I need to use a lot of imagination to try and fill that void. I’m a big fan of body weight ... Read More »

Ann Marcario


I am on fire for fitness and nutrition. In addition to being a Veterinarian for 17 years, I am  also a runner, cyclist, swimmer,weight lifter and instructor. I like to keep workouts fresh and challenging and I use fitness apps to enhance and track my training as well as my diet AND improve the lives of my patients! Read More »

Anthony Bland


I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer, and advocate for anything FITNESS. I’ve worked in college strength and conditioning, the private sector, and health clubs around the NYC / NJ area. I currently work with athletes and non-athletes in the private setting. I use fitness apps as a way to help the people I work with achieve their ... Read More »

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