Friday , 27 March 2015

  • Why We Love Our Fitbit!

    Why We Love Our Fitbit!

    Alright, I’ll admit I fell into the pedometer hype in 2004 when McDonalds conveniently included one ...

  • Hot5 Fitness App

    Hot5 Fitness App

    I was really excited to download the Hot5 Fitness app. Anyway to not have to leave my house in the w...

  • Burn This

    Burn This

    If you are looking for a way to stalk other fitness enthusiasts, Burn This, is the fitness app for y...

  • Featured App Friday: Speed Up: Pace Trainer

    Featured App Friday: Speed Up: Pace Trainer

    Speed Up: Pace Trainer works by constantly measuring the user’s speed via GPS and providing al...

  • Featured App Friday: MyCloudtag

    Featured App Friday: MyCloudtag

    MyCloudtag is a series of Wellness and Fitness programs designed by an elite-level international coa...

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Recent Reviews

Two Nutrition Apps That You Will Love

MyNetDiary Calorie Counter PRO

We’ve talked about nutrition apps before (Restaurant Nutrition and Fooducate), but just like anything, you have to find that one that works best for you. Here are a couple more options we think will work for you. MyNetDiary Calorie Counter PRO is an app we suggest for you readers out there who don’t already have an exercise counter. If you are ... Read More »

Bluetooth Connection


In previous articles we’ve talked about our love for Fitbits and we know you are out there and loving some sort of fitness related devices. With that being said, we hate when we go to the gym, workout to meet our goals, and all the information is stored in the equipment rather than in our personal devices. Well, the equipment ... Read More »

Doctors Incorporate Fitness Tracker


We have adapted our lives to surround our devices, and now doctors are jumping on the bandwagon, as well. Doctors at Hackensack Hospital, in New Jersey, are finding a way to incorporate fitness tracker into their medical care. In a small test group, patients who were at a high risk for heart attacks, high blood pressure, and other ailments used ... Read More »

FitMama App by Happy Mums Solutions


There are all types of fitness apps targeting all different types of people, FitMama targets mommies trying to get back their pre-baby bodies. FitMama is created by Happy Mums solutions. This app focuses working out your upper, middle, and lower areas. You can focus on your problem area or do all three! The five or ten minute workouts bring you ... Read More »

The Apple Watch


Apple’s next adventure has made its way into consumer’s lives. The Apple Watch, not iWatch, will be ready for purchase come April, so, here is what we feel you need to know. The first thing we want to tell you in the price. Depending what material you choose for your Apple Watch they will run you from $349-$4,999. We wanted ... Read More »

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